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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Britain's Got Talent - The Final Forty

Here it is guys - the Final Forty! The semis start tonight, and as soon as I finish typing this, I shall rush home to watch it. As some of you know already, my favourite act this year is posh Oxford group Out of the Blue, but let's be honest, they won't win; they're not as good as The Arrangement from last year...and they should have won. Come to think about it, when was the last time you saw Spellbound on your box, or indeed at the circus near you? This year, I have my money on Ronan Parke – that means £90 for me if he wins!

Before the selection proccess last night, we were all entertained by bike-based stuntman Joe Oakley, who basically used a bicycle to tap-dance in-between two random blokes lying on the floor, before proceeding to perform a variety of stunts on some apparatus. Dangerous, but pretty good. Singer Jessica Hobson was pretty, but we've all heard that re-arrangement of Billie Jean before; on American Idol and The X Factor. Husband-and-wife duo Mr & Mrs were nothing but karaoke. And Jean Martin's piano-playing skills were over-the-top, like her sparkly blouse.
Nevertheless, the judges made some really good choices when it came to the shortlist, and if I had my way these will be my choices for the final:

Like his namesake Ronan Keating, he looks like a star. Unlike Ronan Keating, he sings like an angel - what a voice! (Mr. Keating, if you're reading this, I love you to death...I'm not saying that you can't sing!) I remember watching his audition and thinking to myself "What did his mother put in his milk as a baby”? In a way, I'm rather glad that I chose not to audition this year - he would have had me for dinner! Ronan has charisma, and if this guy loses, I'll be gutted. Remember Charlie Green from series two? He had the potential to win...until he sang that stupid song, and he was rarely heard about again, although he is now a star in the Philippines. Ronan needs to find the right song, or he's doomed. This is your big moment, kiddo. Use it wisely.

By the way Ronan Parke, don't listen to Michael McIntyre - whether you win or not, go back to school!

You seldom see this type of act on these shows. Oh hang on, you do, but they are usually rubbish, and they usually receive three buzzers, but Joe is good. I'm a bit worried for him, though - what if something goes wrong? Sometimes, the judges select a performer that is so wacky it's dangerous, and then they regret it on the night of the live shows. Remember Nick Hell from series three?

A few weeks ago, I wrote on my blog that French mime artiste Michael Moral was better that Romanian-born Razy. The judges were unable to come to a conclusion, and had a hard time selecting which one of them would perform on the live shows. As a result, both were asked to audition in front of the judges again...and Michael was sent home. I feel sorry for Michael - remember, he had experienced a similar fate on the French version of the show, and this could have been his big break. Speaking of breaks, did you see how Razy burst into tears upon hearing that he had been chosen? I really wanted to give him a hug, poor soul. You could tell that the gut really wanted this opportunity more than anything. Sometimes, it's not just talent that matters, it's drive and determination, and Razy has it. Good luck, dude!

He can really dance, and I love his story; he has proved that being autistic is not a death sentence (all those fake handicaps out there who "fake it to claim it", take note.

To be honest, the animal acts this year were a bit rubbish compared to previous years when we had Kate & Gin from series two, but if I had to pick one, it would be Buddy the Dog, who was accompanied by Pretty Pippa...but only because that girl is beautiful. If I were one of the judges, I would have advised her to lose the dog, get some singing lessons, and come back next year, because I thought that Buddy's squeaky howling was annoying, but Pretty Pippa has the potential to become an Opera babe.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a YouTube of her audition, but I think she is like Hoop La La from series two - without the camp factor. Deserves to be in the semis.

Their choreographed routine reminded me of those magic shows that were shown on television throughout the eighties, but what they did during the audition was amazing. And to the Daily Mirror's Mark Jefferies who suggested that they used a trapdoor to switch places, show me where. As the judges rightfully said, magic acts on BGT are usually not worth watching, but David & Karen were amazing!

If these boys want to rap about their grandfathers, let them! Jay-Z raps about his mother, and I don't hear anyone making fun of him; same with Tupac. It's good to see our young lads of today trying to make a change with their talent.

"Look at that ass!" These boys made me laugh, and of course they reminded me of The Arrangement from series four. My only criticism is that they're too posh for the public vote. The Queen will love them, though.

Apart from being quite talented (his rendition of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" saw the original climb the charts the following week), he is definitely a new Susan Boyle. Enough said.

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