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Saturday, July 23, 2011


When Michelle McManus, an overweight 23 year old Scot, won Pop Idol it was the kiss of death for the show, nicely paving the way for Simon Cowell’s X Factor replacement. Now Cowell’s latest money making machine, Britain’s Got Talent, is faced with a similar predicament – another, this time older, overweight Scottish lass is about to storm the final. Neither has a voice to rival the recent winners of X Factor: Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. Michelle was often told by the judges on Pop Idol that she had a ‘nasally’ voice and Cowell has yet to say a complimentary word about Boyle’s voice. What separates Susan from Michelle is that on Pop Idol we were never shown whether there was a fun side to McManus whereas after only two appearances we already feel like we know Boyle, or Su-Bo as GMTV have named her. She even has her own trade mark; the suggestive hands-on-the-hip roll of hers that she seems to do on every appearance. So, will a win for Boyle mark the end of Britain’s Got Talent as McManus’s win did for Pop Idol? Of course not, Britain’s Got Talent was made especially to exploit people like Boyle, it’s just a pity McManus hadn’t waited a few years; the Britain’s Got Talent audience

Michelle McManus

would have gone mad for her.

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